Tinker Tots

Kids aged 3-5 are welcome to join Tinker Tots, our wild, messy, hands-on play-based program! Our young learners program is focused on experiential learning in a low-pressure, fun, respectful environment.  Kids in our Tinker Tots program can experiment like the scientists they are.  Our environment is designed for open-ended play, where innovation and creativity is encouraged! Our experienced teacher will introduce the students to a different theme each week, and invite them to learn by using their bodies, creativity, and imaginations. Themes are introduced in a Reggio Emilia-style ‘invitation to play’, and the kids’ own play and investigation interests are always prioritized above the classroom schedule.

This year’s themes include:

  • Bubbles: What is a bubble? How can we make our own? How big can it get? We will investigate the science Sympathetically playing girl and her soap bubblesbehind bubbles, try out different recipes and graph which ones work the best, and make bubble art!
  • Magnets: What are magnets? How do they affect the tides? How are magnets used in science, healthcare and technology? Where do magnets come from? What can we make with magnets?
  • Humanitarians: We will learn what ‘humanitarianism’ means. We will research several prominent humanitarians, such as Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, and Jane Goodall) and make connections and observations regarding how their work effects the world and how we can do good works in our community.
  • Oceans: We will learn about oceans and why they are important. We’ll explore the different depths of the ocean and what lives there, discover ocean habitats, and learn what we can do to help keep our oceans healthy and safe for both humans and its residents.
  • Mythology: We will discover the fantastic stories of Greek mythology! Students can make up poems, songs, and short stories based on these famous myths. We might create a play based on what we’ve learned, or create art inspired by the characters or locations.
  • Sensory Art: A hands on experience in a variety of mediums! Activities include spice painting, Karo syrup prints, found material texture tiles, and more. We will also study a famous artist, and create our own interpretations of one of their most famous works.
  • Fabric Painting and Dyeing: Many things in our environment can be used to add color to fabrics! From natural materials to synthetic, each can create a beautiful result. We will experiment with different techniques from the past and present, all across the globe.

Tinker Tots is available on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 12:30 to 2:20. Families may register for one session or the other, or both!

Registration for Tinker Tots is easy – click here to get started!

After we confirm availability, we’ll send you a link to for payment and schedule a time for you to come look around!

Tinker Tots Tuition Schedule

  • 2 classes per week: $50/week
  • 1 class per week: $30/day

Because of very limited space availability, Tinker Tots students must register for one full semester at a time, with 10% of the semester payment due at the time of registration. Monthly payment plans are available for the balance for your convenience.

Additional siblings enrolled in Tinker Tots classes receive a 15% discount.