2016 New Classes and Updates!

Happy New Year!

We are so happy to be back at IfSpace with our students and their families! We are starting lots of new classes and experiences this Spring, and we can’t wait to get started. The new semester starts January 19th, and space-available registration closes Friday, January 22!

There is so much happening in the coming weeks! We are starting our Big Spring Project! Last year, we built an award-winning Laser Maze with the help of kids age 4-14. This spring, we’re building another fantastic, oversized project! Our Big Spring students will work as a team to imagine, design, budget, test, build, refine, decorate, program, market, and bring to completion a top-secret project that includes learning in construction, math, life science, language arts, engineering, coding, art, and more! The first class is Wednesday, January 20th, and there are still a few spots left. We will be showing off our project at Maker Faire in Orlando as well as other conventions around the state, and our build team is welcome to join us to tell about their creation!

We are proud to offer a robust robotics program at IfSpace! We coached three FIRST Robotics teams last fall, and are continuing our robotics programs through through the spring and summer to help prepare our 2016-17 team candidates for a great season. Robotics is offered three days per week, with classes at both the elementary and junior high level. No prior experience is required; jump in at any time and we will get you up to speed!

Last fall, our Tinkering class practiced with linkage mechanisms, disassembled toys, made their own game controllers with Makey Makey, designed their own Scribble Bots, built an impressive (and large) Rube Goldberg device, and ushered multiple survivors through the Egg Drop Challenge – just to start. This spring, Tinkering continues with new materials, new challenges, and the same spirit of open-ended exploration in an encouraging, inspiring, no-fail environment. In addition, James is bringing back his popular Engineering Duo course on Wednesday afternoons. In this class, students will learn fundamentals of computer science and electricity through both computer-based and unplugged activities. Designed for students 11+, this course is tons of fun and jam-packed with information kids need to feel at home in today’s digital landscape.

That’s a lot of information, and it isn’t even half! Check back tomorrow for the rest of what’s starting now and what’s coming up in the months ahead – including summer camps and class schedules!



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